Show off your artwork!

Welcome to dogsounds’ community artist gallery.

We know that a lot of the folks that follow Avoid Spikes are just starting on the artistic road, developing their skills and honing their talent. Everyone has to start out the same, and most start out pretty bad and work their way up.

We like to encourage new talent, and so this is a place where you can show your works for all the world to see. A place to give new and inexperienced artists a place to show off and invite feedback and thoughtful comment. Or, just submit Avoid Spikes fan art, because we know we are awesome. Everyone is invited to comment on each piece, tell the artist what they did well, and offer tips and tricks to help them learn.

If you want to submit a piece, then to get around our spam filters drop us an email from the contact link below telling us you want to send an artwork – and once we have replied to you, then send us the picture (if you simply email the image in a normail email without contacting us first, our spam system will totally delete it).


The image remains 100% your intellectual property and we will have no rights to distribute it, or profit from it. We may feature the best pieces in the dogblog though. Free press!

NO YIFF! I have a very low tolerance for yiff – i.e. 0% – and any yiff will head straight to the recycle bin.

We reserve the right to not display any content we think is objectionable.

Finally, when commenting, be thoughtful, helpful and friendly. We all had to start out somewhere. Approval of comments is mandatory and I will simply not post any comments we find objectionable.

So get sending in. And good luck on your journey.


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